We are changing the world of apartments for rent and for sale, by treating each one as a piece of art, keeping most of original elements and emphasising history. We cherish real stuff. Handmade, slow, classic. Our philosophy is simple, we are creating places that are well-designed, cozy and timeless.

Thonet chairs! We love them, so you can find some in our flats.
has special place in our flats.
We like to play with them, but we keep them simple.
We admire details and handmade pieces.
is always mixed with material balance.
mornings are best at home.
details! We love to keep them in our flats.
yourself well, keep it natural.

Flats for rent

Looking for a flat to rent? Check those!

We focus on places with history, located in the city center, close to the vibrant, energetic city life. We believe that everyone deserves a good place to live.

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Flats for sale

Looking for a flat to buy? Check those or send us a message so we can help you.

No matter if it's small or huge, we focus on those places that got soul. We have some apartments ready to move, and some that need that final touch. If you feel already like home, contact us for some outstanding opportunities or lets find something amazing together!

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